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Here is what I consider to be an overview of my professional technical skillset. I have rated myself on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a type of 'dabling' or initial-research and 10 representing the amount of knowledge needed to use that skill daily at a high level in a professional environment.
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I have used c++ to generate simple console applications that process data: mostly log file generation.
I've been using CSS well over 20 years by now and enjoy using it to this day.
Desktop Support
I've worked professionally as a desktop support technician and administrate Linux/Windows daily. This experience isn't limited to operating systems or applications. I have cleaned and fixed more desktops, laptops, peripherals, printers, and scanners than I can remember. Since my early teenage years I've been building high-end desktop gaming computers. Dabbling with hardware of all types is a true passion of mine. Additionally, I've always enjoyed helping those who are tech-illiterate as it reminds of how differently we each use and view technology.
Flask is my preferred web server and I have used it for many years by now. It is flexible, easy to learn and, most importantly, you can create a simple website in minutes. Additionally, developing in Python is a real treat compared to some other languages.
I've been using HTML well over 20 years and am comfortable with this simple yet powerful markup language.
JavaScript is what makes browsing the Internet dynamic, and I've been using JavaScript in my web-sites for many years now. Though I use the vanilla library and JQuery to animate and re-draw portions of the browser's view there is much more to that world than I have fully explored.
Linux Administration
currently pursuing RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer)
RHCSA logo
Linux is the platform I use for most of my web projects and a fascinating operating system! Having acquired the RHCSA, I am currently pursuing a RHCE, and intend to acquire further architecture and security-based certificates from Red Hat. But, despite my current pursuits, I have years of experience administrating Linux. Installing Linux, managing accounts, permissions and automating system tasks are things that I am comfortable with. I've spent considerable time with multiple distros: I've built Kali clones in Arch and use Ubuntu for my web servers. Professionally I have built and administered RHEL servers.
Network Engineering
I am certified in both CompTIA Network+ and Security+. I enjoy networking thoroughly and have built many small home/office networks both physically and virtually. As a professional network engineer I've troubleshot a variety of network problems in many hotels and other businesses across New York City. This includes creating and installing ethernet cabling, racking servers and video equipment, administrating/troubleshooting managed switches and routers/firewalls. After designing networks I have developed a love for Visio and how effecively it can visualize network concepts/topologies.
I love Bash, but PowerShell is my favorite system-scripting language! PowerShell is all-powerful and is fun to learn as well! The similarities to Bash are generally only the best ones, and it improves in many other areas: Objects are much more powerful than strings. The automation and generous help-system presented by PowerShell makes system administration an easy pleasure. Long live Jeffrey Snover.
I have used Python for small console apps, hacking-scripts, cleaning large amounts of data, and web development. Despite many years of experience with Python I am well aware that it can do much more than what I typically use it for.
Windows Administration
I've been professionally administrating Windows for many years now. This includes administrating Windows with Active Directory integration. With PowerShell in my toolbelt I have been able to take my administrating of Windows to the next level. Nearly every facet of the system has a PowerShell API that can be scripted. Additionally, starting tasks from a fresh perspective isn't nearly as daunting thanks to PowerShell's excellent help system.