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Tracking is an application that helps it's user create events, track events, and visualize how events correlate with each other.

Click this link in order to check out a demo. username =, password = 'password'


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SlamStonks jr.
Some of the aspects of SlamStonk's development were built by team members other than myself, so I wanted to build those portions of the project myself for the sake of learning. Additionally, I felt the project could have been built more to run more efficiently if someone like me had the time to invest in solving those inefficiencies. SlamStonks jr. is the product of my endeavors and was considerably fun to work on! The project has room to grow, but for now it has suited its purpose. Perhaps more to come!
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The original SlamStonks project. Slamstonks is a web application that monitors the most shorted stocks on the Nasdaq/S&P500 by recording their technical data as well as performing sentiment analysis on that stock on Twitter. The goal of SlamStonks is to take advantage of the Meme Stocks phenomena by helping end-users automate the task of learning a Meme stock is about to explode in value.

Built with the help of my Hunter classmates: Ahmed Moussa, Mohammed Uddin, and Shourav Ahmed.